Flood Protection


Dryhouse only install tried and tested flood defence and flood protection systems which have stood the test of time and been proven to work time and time again.

We are totally dedicated to defending you from the devastation caused by flooding. We have professional staff with the specialist knowledge needed to carry out:

  • Extensive flood-protection surveys – so we can recommend the right solutions for your property.
  • Our installation teams install all our products to the highest quality standards.
  • Every installation is inspected and passed by our chartered surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has more than 20 years, personal experience dealing with flooding.

We provide the UK’s most effective fully tried and tested range of flood protection products available and research new ways to prevent damage from floods. Whatever you problem, we have a solution and can provide a bespoke service unique to your flooding problems. We can provide systems that can be deployed either as a permanent fitted system or as temporarily deployed system when flood likelihood is forecast.

Our costs are a fraction of the cost of typical civil defences. Our solutions are comprehensive and are acceptable to local and central government fulfilling current Environment Agency cost and benefit criteria.

How do I assess my flood risk?

You should ask yourself these five questions to start with, but bear in mind there may also be other problems specific to your property.

1. Will water come in through my doors, windows and other openings? Sadly, the answer is nearly always yes. Unless they have been built specifically with flood risk in mind which is very unlikely, you have to protect your building apertures.

2. Will water come in through my walls? Sadly, and perhaps surprisingly, the answer is nearly always yes. Most bricks and mortar joints are porous – they let in water after a surprisingly short length of time. So if floodwater stays for more than half an hour or so it may well come in through your walls.

3. Will water (or worse, water contaminated with sewerage) come through my downstairs drain outlets, like toilets, baths and sinks? Sadly, the answer is nearly always yes. It depends on the depth of floodwater and back pressure so you have to consider protecting your drain inlets.

4. Will water come up through my floors? Sadly, the answer is often yes. It depends on the geology of the ground around you and the structure of your floors, and or foundations.

Want to know more about Flood Protection?

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